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All kinds of underwater technical works
Fiber-optic cable communication lines construction on a turn-key basis
Trenchless technologies of differentpipeline laying by horizontal directional drilling (HDD) method
Modern technologies
under the water and under the ground


Equipment for execution of underwater works 

Equipment for cable and pipeline laying and burying under the water:

- two self-propelled cable laying systems (own patented technology) able to work at water depths of 50 m and bury the cable and pipes of diameters to 160 mm in soils of 1-2 group by jetting tool (depth of burying to seabed to 2,5 m), in soils of 3-6 group by working chain tool (depth of burying to the seabed to 2,2 m);
- towed cable burier with jetting tools for cable laying and burying in soils of 1-3 group to 2 m depth;
- towed cable burier (plough) for cable laying and burying in soils of 1-2 group to 1,2 m depth.
Motor boats and floating facilities:
- special dumb vessel-pontoon (cable laying platform) Podvodtechstroy-01, Russian River Register class М-СП +3,5, equipped with: cable laying facilities,  lifting device of 20 tons capacity, rudder propellers, DPS, Linear cable engine, cable tanks.
 Platform is specially designed and constructed according to technical specification of Podvodtechstroy company for subsea cable lines laying and maintenance;
- motor boats BMK-130;
- motor boat Ural-830, for towing operations and diving works;
- diversmotorboat;
- working metal, plastic and inflatable boats with outboard motors;
- demountable working platforms of total capacity 100 tons, fitted for transportation by trucks.
Diving equipment and instrument:
- Divingstationswithventilatedequipment;
- Diving stations with open mode of breathing, wet and dry diving suits and hydroacoustic communication systems.
All diving stations can be used both in summer and winter conditions, and can be accommodated in trucks.
- high pressure water pumps Grundfos with water pressure to 150 atm and 160 m3/h capacity;
- diesel high pressure water pumps with water pressure to 180 atm and 180 m3/h capacity;
- gasoline high pressure water pumps Tohatsu with water pressure to 100 atm and 90 m3/h capacity.
Power stations:
- diesel electric power stations 200 kW of special design;
- diesel electric power stations 100, 50, 20 kW;
- diesel electric power stations 8, 6, 4 kW;
Special instruments and tools:
- Laser rangefinders LRM-1500;
- underwater video and photo cameras;
- subsea telecommunication systems;
- route finding tools «Cord -P», «Uspeh АТГ-209» with underwater boxes;
- navigation systems (GPS- receivers , GPS-compasses);
- echo sounders;
- radio stations;
- hydro acoustic tracking and positioning system for subsea objects - ATS II Nautronix;
Auxiliary equipment:
- electrical winches, anchor winches,
- anchors, buoys;
- special hydraulic cutting instrument for subsea works Hоlmatro;
- equipment for subsea cutting and welding Broco:
- livingcontainers.