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All kinds of underwater technical works
Fiber-optic cable communication lines construction on a turn-key basis
Trenchless technologies of differentpipeline laying by horizontal directional drilling (HDD) method
Modern technologies
under the water and under the ground

Private joint-stock company “Specialized industrial enterprise “Podvodtechstroy” (abbreviation “Podvodtechstroy”) was established in August of 1998 on the basis of the third division of the expeditionary unit GU "Podvodrechstroy”, for execution of wide range of underwater works (License for execution of subsea and hydrotechnical works dated September 05, 2012, Certificates of conformity ISO 14001 dated April 17, 2013).

            From the date of establishment till present time specialists of Podvodtechstroy execute following jobs:  

  •    power and fiber optic cables installation in the sea and inshore parts;
  •    installation of underwater river cable lines;
  •    technical maintenance of subsea cable lines and river cable underwater lines;
  •    installation and repair of hydrotechnical constructions of different purpose;
  •    divers survey of hydrotechnical constructions, subsea communication and pipe lines, river and sea bottom with photo and video equipment.

      Podvodtechstroy rents productionfacilitiesandpremises, located in Dolgoprudniy of Moscow region, and has own facilities in Nizhniy Novgorod region.