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All kinds of underwater technical works
Fiber-optic cable communication lines construction on a turn-key basis
Trenchless technologies of differentpipeline laying by horizontal directional drilling (HDD) method
Modern technologies
under the water and under the ground


All kinds of underwater technical works

     Our company executes unique works in Russia of underwater installation of communication lines by means of patented method, which makes it possible to combine the advantages of horizontal directional drilling (HDD) and underwater works. Also we execute communication lines and pipelines installation works by means of HDD method.
    During last years we successfully executed many unique underwater technical projects at Sakhalin, in Primorskiy region, Khabarovsk region, Krasnoyarsk region, in St.Petersburg, Perm, Vladimir, and several other regions of Russian Federation, and also more than 200 projects of HDD installation of communication and pipe lines in Moscow and Moscow region, at the Caucasus, in Tatarstan, in Nizhniy Novgorod region and others.
     We are ready to go to any point of Russia, to prepare a project to calculate the estimates.
     We guarantee the timeliness, professionalism and high quality of works done in line with customer requirements.